ARGH! Real Life - The quest for an Animation Degree

So I just got back from the open day at the University. Turns out it could have been a mistake going…

We did the talks, we walked around looking at stuff, then we had a chat with the head of the Animation department.

Him: Hi Yasmin! So, have you got any questions so far?

Me: Well actually, I’ve just finished a degree in Film and TV and I was wondering if some of the skills I learnt there would be applicable to this course?

Him:…You’ve already got a degree?

Me: …yes?

Him: Why are you trying to do another one?

Me: Oh well-

Him: Look, the skills are totally the same. Did you learn lighting?

Me: Yes.

Him: Camera work?

Me: yes-

Him: Storyboarding? Conceptual?

Me: -feeling more and more like a dumbass- yes.

Him: Then why do another three years learning the same skills? I’m sure you’re talented, Why aren’t you doing your MASTERS?

Me: -Sparkles in my eyes because I didn’t think anyone would even SUGGEST SUCH A MAGICAL IDEA-

Him: Look, apply for a Masters in Art and Design, and we can have you in the Animation department, sit in on the same classes the first years take to learn the traditional, stop motion and 3D skills and you can be done in a year. Sound good?

Me: -Internal screaming-

So that’s it. I’ma gunna apply for my masters in Animation.

13 Oct 12 @ 2:25 pm  —  reblog
  1. firstplayer said: I think one of my teachers who focused on film at first went in for a masters in animation. Wooo. Totally do it! ALSO YOUR NAME IS ADORABLE.
  2. katsallday said: Also, animation degrees yeeeeessssss!
  3. thesanityclause said: omg That is so cool. You will be a MASTER OF ANIMATION
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